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While selecting the right fabric is certainly an important part of designing beautiful curtains  (see our sheer, blackout/dimout, & dual curtain offerings), the finishing touches and detailing can truly make all the difference. By considering the heading, length and hem of your curtains, you can create a truly personalised and beautiful look that reflects your style and enhances the overall look and feel of your space. Read our guides below.

heading options

The heading (or pleat) style you choose will dictate your curtains' overall look and feel. It plays a significant role in determining how the fabric hangs and folds, ultimately impacting the final look of your curtains. Here is a quick guide to the different curtain headings we offer.

s wave

A beautiful new relaxed and casual style of heading the s wave or s fold curtains, are a fashionable and trendy choice for contemporary window treatments. The uniform and fluid appearance creates a sense of movement and texture, making it an excellent option for those who prefer a minimalist and sophisticated style. Additionally, the waves create long vertical lines, which can elongate your walls and make your space appear taller, larger, and grander. It’s the deepest profile heading giving your curtains additional volume.

single pleat

The single pleat is a modern understated look. A very popular and versatile curtain style for both modern or more traditional homes.

A single pleat is one of the more economical choices in curtain headings as it only requires 80% fullness.

It is a great option for modern homes with very large windows that have limited space for stacking the curtain off the window as well as small windows.

inverted pleat

The inverted pleat, also known as the box pleat or reverse pleat, is a curtain style where the pleat is hidden at the back of the curtain instead of the front.

This results in a seamless appearance across the top and deep folds of fabric running down the length of the curtain.

The inverted pleat offers a simple and clean aesthetic that can complement various interior styles. However, it is recommended to use this style for full-length curtains as it may create bulkiness in shorter curtains.

hanging options

The length of curtains can vary depending on personal preference, as well as the style and function of the room.

Down to or just below the window sill is acceptable but floor length is recommended, of which there are three variations:

just off the floor

A timeless and tidy approach is to let your curtains fall approximately 5mm above the floor. They hang perfectly straight and look incredibly elegant. This option is convenient and practical in all situations, and your curtains wont accumulate dust and dirt when you draw them.

To achieve this look, it is best to ensure that your ceiling and floor are parallel.


The technique of puddling involves allowing your curtains to gracefully gather on the floor, resulting in the appearance of weight and fullness. When combined with the gentle folds of drapery, it creates an absolutely stunning and luxurious look. Puddling is an ideal choice if your ceiling or floor heights are slightly uneven, as it helps conceal any imperfections.

To achieve this finish, we add a 20mm to your curtain length.

hem options

Select the ideal hem for your curtains from our two options below. We suggest either a weighted hem or a double folded weighted hem for sheers and a double folded hem for blackout curtains.

weighted hems

Most sheers include built in weight to help them hang straight and prevent them from billowing or flying around in the wind. Additionally, lead weights can help to create a more uniform. minimalist appearance for the curtains, making them look neater and more elegant.

classic folded hem

A classic double folded hem on curtains is a simple and traditional way to finish the bottom edge of a curtain panel. It involves folding the bottom edge of the fabric up twice to create a double-folded hem, which is then sewn in place.

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