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how to keep your decor protected from UV rays with wooden venetian blinds

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Have you ever noticed that if your furniture sits out in the sun for too long, it can sometimes change in appearance? Likewise, if you leave certain items out in the hot sun, they can take on a lightened or bleached appearance after a while. 

This isn’t just because your furniture is getting older, either; this is actually caused by damage from harmful UV rays hitting your decor - and there are steps you can take to protect your belongings from these UV rays. 

how do UV rays damage my furniture?

UV rays damage your home because the properties of ultraviolet radiation can alter the chemical bonds in some of your objects, causing them to change appearance and even become weaker. These breaking bonds can change the colour of some surfaces, making them appear bleached or faded. 

Additionally, UV rays can also make your items more brittle and prone to breaking. Thinner, more delicate materials, like silk, are especially susceptible. Antique pieces of furniture, which are more likely than not already weakened from their age, are also more vulnerable and should be protected.

This is why it is so essential to protect your home, objects and furniture from harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure can not only alter your belongings’ appearances, but it can also make them weaker and cause them to break far before they should.

Venetian blinds lounge nz

how can I protect my home from harmful ultraviolet rays?

So, how can you protect your home and keep your furniture from fading and breaking from UV rays? One easy solution for you to take is to have well-built blinds installed onto your window frames - like gorgeous wooden Venetian blinds.

Wooden Venetian blinds are classic, beautiful and practical. They are easy to use as well. To control the angle of the wooden slats, all you need to do is use the string that comes attached to them.

While it is inevitable that some level of sunlight will touch your furniture, you can control the amount with Venetian blinds. By angling the wooden slats, you can alter how much light is let into your home.

Additionally, on top of being functional, these blinds are traditionally beautiful. You can choose between white or honey-coloured wood to best match your home’s decor. These stunning blinds are easy to keep clean as well because you only need to dust them occasionally.

where can I find fantastic blinds that will protect me and my home from UV rays?

Do you want to protect your home and your belongings from damaging UV rays? If you are searching for excellent wooden Venetian blinds, then look no further than Mr Blinds! We are proud to offer New Zealanders stunning blinds that are beautiful and practical.

To get in touch with our team and request a quote, please visit our contact page or reach us at 09 274 9313. If you live in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington, or Christchurch, we also offer installation services, so you know your blinds are being set up correctly.

Protect your home with classic styles and superior designs with Mr Blinds!

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