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thermal blind fabric range - different fabrics to choose from, all with foam backing

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Excellent roller blinds look fantastic and serve a wonderful purpose; they allow you to control the amount of sunlight that comes into your house through your windows and can also give you more privacy while you're relaxing in your home. In addition to controlling the amount of natural light in your home, specialised blinds can offer you other benefits as well - for example, great thermal blinds help you maintain the temperature in your dwelling. 

Thermal blinds nz

what are thermal blinds?

If you have never even heard of them before, you may be wondering, 'what exactly are thermal blinds?' To put it simply, well-built thermal blinds are designed to keep heat out during the hotter seasons and keep warmth in during the colder ones. - What are thermal blinds?

Although, of course, thermal blinds themselves will not be a substitute for an air conditioner during sweltering hot summers or heaters during blistering cold winters, they are a fantastic way to regulate your home naturally. Thermal blinds give you all the perks of regular roller blinds while conveniently making your home more comfortable for you year-round. Top five benefits of thermal blinds

what kinds of fabrics can I get my thermal blinds in?

Here at Mr Blinds, we excel at offering New Zealanders incredible blinds that are both functional and beautiful. Our thermal blinds, in particular, come in quite a few lovely shades, so you will undoubtedly be able to find a kind of fabric that fits any of your rooms flawlessly.

Thermal roller blind fabrics nz

The high-quality fabric that we use for our thermal blinds comes in colours ranging from bright and inviting 'snow' to chic and trendy 'onyx.' All of these colours pair well with basically every other colour, so you do not need to worry about your fantastic new blinds disrupting your home's interior decor. 

We understand that colours show up differently on different kinds of monitors and that a colour displayed on your screen may look a little different than when you see that same colour in real life. So, if you genuinely want a great look at our fabric options, we encourage you to contact us about our free fabric sample service to ensure you get your new thermal blinds in the perfect colour.

Part of what makes our excellent thermal blinds work so well is the foam backing that comes with them. This thermal backing acts as an additional layer of insulation between the outside world and the interior of your home to further ensure that your home stays closer to the temperature you want it to stay.

If you're worried that this extra layer of foam acrylic backing will make your new thermal blinds look clunky or unsightly, have no fear because your blinds' foam backing will be colour coordinated. So, when you select your favourite option from our range of colours, the foam backing will match that colour. This way, your blinds will look gorgeous from the inside and the outside of your home. 

where can I get these wonderful blinds for my New Zealand home?

Does your home need fantastic new blinds? At Mr Blinds, we're proud to provide New Zealand homes with wonderful blinds that are beautiful and useful. Along with thermal blinds, we also carry an excellent selection of other useful roller blinds, trendy vertical blinds and classic Venetian blinds. All of our options come in a range of colours and materials, so finding some that you love is easy. 

For more information about our services, products and fabric choices, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at sales@mrblinds.co.nz or 09 274 9313 to speak with us. We've helped heaps of people in the past, and we look forward to helping you enhance your home with new blinds. 

Keep your home cosy with beautiful thermal blinds from Mr Blinds!

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