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how easy is it to measure your windows for blinds?

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No one wants ill-fitting blinds - they can let in more light than usual, be challenging to work with and overall just look clunky on your window. Therefore, getting proper measurements for your blinds is essential. But, how do you get the correct measurements?

Luckily, measuring your blinds yourself is rather easy. As long as you correctly follow the right steps and double-check your work for accuracy, you should be good to go. An excellent set of blinds can offer your home a plethora of wonderful properties, so making sure they fit well is a must.

Measuring your window for roller blinds nz

how do I measure my windows myself?

If you try to measure your windows without the proper guidelines, you may end up making common mistakes that could result in ill-fitting blinds. 11 window measuring mistakes and how to avoid them But don’t worry, at Mr Blinds, we are prepared to help you measure your windows like a pro. 

You can find a comprehensive window-measuring guide and helpful viewable and printable sheets on our site. Windows can be measured from the inside of the window frame for an inside fit or from the outside of the frame for an outside fit. Inside fits are far more popular for blinds because they provide a cleaner look, although they do allow a little bit of light to get past the blinds around the edges. 

You should also remember that you will need to install your new blinds yourself if you decide to measure them on your own. So, being accurate with your measurements is imperative. Measure all your windows to the nearest millimeter to ensure we get the best fit for you. Our blinds’ installations are very straightforward, so you should be able to do it easily with our guides.

In order to measure your windows, you should follow these steps:

for an inside fit

To get the correct measurements for indoor blinds, make sure your windows are free of anything that may hinder your measurements and then do this:

Measure The Width. Measure the inside width of your frame across the top of the window to the nearest mm. Double-check your measurement if you’d like to be sure, and note this down.

Measure The Drop. Measure the inside height of your window frame to the nearest mm. Again, double-check if you’d like, and then note this number down. If you’re going to get venetian or vertical blinds, measure your window’s height in three places and note down the shortest one.

for an outside fit

Before you measure for an outside fit, you must first determine if you want your blinds to be fitted to the wall that's above your window frame or if you’d like to have the blinds brackets attached to the outside edges of the architraves. 

Once you’ve made your decision, you will need to:

Measure The Width. Measure the width of the outside of your window frame or architrave in mm, then add 70mm to your measurement and note it down. 

Measure The Drop. Measure the height of the outside of your window frame or architrave in mm, then add 100mm and note it down. 

Measure Where The Blind Will Be Fixed To The Architrave If Needed. If you want your blinds to be attached to the architrave, you will need to also measure the width and height of the architrave. 

I have my windows measured, where can I get a perfectly-fitted set of blinds for them?

Have you measured your windows correctly? Once your sheets are filled out, you can easily send them to us for a quote or complete our online quote form to get the process started. At Mr Blinds, we are passionate about providing New Zealanders with beautiful high-quality blinds that fit perfectly.

For more information or some help with measuring your windows correctly, please contact our friendly team at sales@mrblinds.co.nz or phone 09 274 9313. We are skilled experts at what we do, and we would love to lend you a hand. 

Get gorgeous blinds for your home from Mr Blinds! 

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