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go for trendy blinds if you want to save space with minimalistic decor

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Minimalistic designs have become more and more popular over the years, and for a good reason - simple yet trendy looks are clean, modern and pleasing. If you want a way to shade your windows while keeping your decor beautiful, one fantastic thing you can do is get wonderful blinds for your windows. 

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why should I choose blinds over curtains?

Covering your windows is something you should do if you want to improve your décor and control the amount of harsh sunlight that gets into your home. However, you might be wondering, 'why should I choose blinds over curtains?' If you're still unsure about what you should choose, you should know that blinds have heaps of advantages over typical curtains.

A handful of these incredible advantages are:

  • Blinds Are Stylish And Can Fit Any Décor Style. From classic roller blinds to gorgeous Venetian wooden blinds, blinds can come in nearly any pattern to fit any style of décor. If your home's décor follows a particular colour scheme, you will have no problem at all finding blinds that are the perfect colour for you.
  • If you care about materials, blinds can also come in a variety of fabrics so you can select what you love. 
  • Blinds Are Practical. In addition to looking good, they also function incredibly well. There are actually several different types of blinds that are designed to offer certain special benefits. For example, sunscreen roller blinds are an amazing product that can diffuse potentially harmful UV rays from the sun by up to 90%. These wonderful blinds can provide you with lovely shade while protecting your skin's health as well. 
  • Along with offering exceptional benefits, blinds in general are a fantastic option for people who want to save space and consistently maintain a clean look. Blinds are classically simple and conveniently easy to use. You will not have to worry about fussing with rumpled fabric or messing with curtains blowing in the wind because your blinds will be there to serve their purpose. 
  • Blinds Are Also Easy To Maintain. So, they look fantastic and they offer unique benefits, but how easy are they to maintain? Even if something is incredibly advantageous, no one likes constantly having to fix or clean something, especially if they have more important things to worry about. If you enjoy convenience, then you'll be happy to know that blinds are astonishingly easy to maintain. When they're rolled up they will not collect dust or debris, and when they're rolled down, all they'll typically need is occasional dusting to look good.  While, of course, if you really want your home to stay clean and hygienic, you should regularly sanitise and thoroughly clean your furniture and fixtures. But besides that, for most kinds of blinds, all you'll need to do is occasionally wipe or dust them off. 

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where can I find beautiful blinds in New Zealand?

Are you looking to add beautiful and practical blinds to your windows? Here at Mr Blinds, we strive to provide New Zealanders with blinds that are gorgeous, practical and easy to maintain. We have a fine selection of blinds in our store, such as many kinds of practical roller blinds and marvelous Venetian blinds.

Our incredible products come in many different styles, fabrics and colours, so you should easily be able to find some that fit with your lifestyle and home decor flawlessly. But, if you would like some extra help making the best choice for your windows, you can easily reach us at sales@mrblinds.co.nz or phone 09 274 9313 to speak with our helpful team. 

Save space and enjoy many benefits with wonderful blinds from our store at Mr Blinds. 

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