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enhancing your home with curtains: tips for selecting the right fabric and design

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Does your home or business need beautiful, practical, easy-to-use, and undeniably marvellous window treatments? If so, then lovely new curtains may be perfect for you. There’s a reason why curtains are loved and used all over the world - they’re beautiful!

Even if you’ve already decided that you want curtains, you’ll quickly find that determining the best curtains for your property is a bit challenging. There are so many different fabrics and designs to choose from. With so many options, finding your perfect curtains can seem almost impossible. 

No worries, we’re here to help. Continue reading to learn about what you should consider when choosing your lovely new window treatments.

a few tips for choosing your new curtains

Breaking your choices down and thinking about individual factors of your property and your prospective curtains can help you make the right choice. Before you decide on your new curtains, make sure you think about:

The Style Of Your Home Or Business. Before you choose your curtains, it’s imperative that you take a moment to look at the overall decor style and feel of your home or business. What kind of decor do you have? What colours do you use? What kind of mood are you going for?

The style of your space should match the style of curtains you go for. This way, your new addition will make sense and flow with the design of your room.

If you have a traditional home, you may want to choose curtains with a classically beautiful look. If you have a more contemporary home, then you might want to choose sleek modern curtains.

So, as you look at different designs, picture each one in your space. How does it look? If you like it, you can add it to your ‘maybe’ section. If you’re not so happy with it, then you can disregard it and narrow down your choices.

The Function Of The Curtains. Why are you purchasing new curtains? Are you looking for a specific feature, or do you just want to make your space more beautiful? Identifying why you want curtains can help you pick ones that fit your needs. 

For example, at Mr Blinds, we’re proud to offer you three specialised kinds of curtains:

  • Sheer Curtains. Sheer curtains are simply divine. They don’t fully block out light but rather diffuse it so that you can still enjoy soft natural light in your home. These airy curtains have a light and flowy appearance and can make a room feel more open and spacious. Even though they don’t fully block out light, they still offer you plenty of privacy. 

  • Blackout Curtains. Just like our very popular blackout blinds, blackout curtains fully block out light. They’re very popular for spaces where total light control and privacy are important. For example, many people choose to use them in their bedrooms to create a peaceful sleeping environment. Even if you need to take a nap during the day, you should have no problem keeping light out of your room with blackout curtains.

  • Dual Curtains. Are you having a hard time choosing between the flowing beauty of sheer curtains and the practical control of blackout curtains? No worries, you can have both. Dual curtains have two layers, allowing you to effortlessly change between two sheets of fabric depending on what you need. 

The Fabric. The material of the curtains will determine how they look and feel. Make sure you look through the full range of fabric options on the curtains you want before you choose anything. Consider each option, and think about what you’d like the most. 

The kind of fabric you choose can also affect how well the curtains work as curtains. Fabric that’s too heavy may not fold well, but fabric that’s too light will be too billowy in even gentle wind.

Search for high-quality fabric that comes from good sources. Higher-quality fabric will be more beautiful and durable and will last a long time.

The Colour. The colour of your curtains can have a big impact on the overall look of your room. If you have a lot of dark colours in your space, then lighter curtains can brighten things up. Conversely, if you have a lot of light colours, then darker curtains can add depth and contrast.

In general, neutral colours are a good choice for any kind of home or business. Choose colours like white, black, grey and beige if you’re not sure what to pick. These colours go with practically any colour scheme, so they’re a safe bet. 

where you should go for absolutely stunning curtains in Aotearoa

Regardless of what you choose, you’re sure to love your beautiful new curtains if you purchase them from us at Mr Blinds. We’re already well-known for our marvelous high-quality blinds, and we’d love for you to view our new selection of curtains.

If you’d like some assistance with your choice, we’d be glad to help. Call us on 09 274 9313 or 0508 BLINDS if you’d like to speak to our team. 

Find the perfect window treatments for your home or business; come and see our collections at Mr Blinds. 

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