motorised blinds

With relaxation and convenience in mind this recent build in Northland  had spectacular views of a rugged landscape.  With the initial brief of an up market DOC hut the interior design was required to be warm and snug but also maximising space.  This is where the roller blinds were specified as being the most suitable window treatment with their minimalist design and impact when rolled up.   The living area features sunscreen roller blinds to assist with direct sun control in the afternoons and thermal blackout blinds were used in the bedrooms to provide ultimate light control.   

Add to this set up the luxury of motorisation  with all chains removed and you have a sleek convenient window dressing.

Being a holiday home, when the time comes to lock and leave, it takes the push of one button on the remote to lower all the blinds. Even better on their way up to the holiday home they can even raise the blinds to let the sun in and warm up the house upon arrival via a remote hub.   “Guests often comment on how great it is to lie in bed and raise or lower the blinds with out having to get up” says the owner, who are now complete converts to motorised blinds! 

There is no hard wiring required for the blinds so there has been no interference with the window jams. The motors are stored within the roller blind tube so you see no mechanisms or wires. The motors can be applied to any of the roller blind fabric choices within our range. Also standard roller blinds that have been installed by mr blinds can be converted to motorised within a few minutes. 

The end result – a clean, sleek and convenient outcome. 
sunscreen roller blinds

– thermal roller blinds